Ultrasound for Reliable Hydraulic Systems

Ultrasound testing is a powerful solution for assessing the condition of our assets. The technology hears defects in the ultrasonic range and transfers these inaudible faults to low frequency sounds we can hear. Ultrasound signals from failing assets are measured, trended, and analyzed so we can execute an action plan that minimizes the impact.  

Reliable plants need FIT assets.  

Most defects that threaten uptime produce Friction, Impacting, and Turbulence (FIT). These conditions exist silently in the ultrasound region. Find one – or any combination – of these and you now have data to monitor the asset condition at an advanced level.  

Why is Ultrasound Useful? 

Ultrasound Owns the Apex of the P-F Curve. Newly formed defects present themselves ultrasonically first, and only become audible once they've advanced closer to the moment of...

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