Ultrasound Course for Reliability Engineers! Enjoy 50% off Ultrasound Essentials™ 1 using code SUMMER2020!

Ultrasound Essentials™ 1 is the online, on-demand training from the world’s favourite ultrasound company. This 25-module course is perfect for reliability engineers looking to start their ultrasound journey with foundational knowledge, add to their condition monitoring program with hardware and software training, or learn how to perform inspections of specific assets with applications modules.

Working in the reliability engineering field can be stressful. With the summer holiday season upon us we encourage our fellow reliability professionals to enjoy some much-needed downtime. The summer holidays are the perfect time to relax, reflect, and learn something new. Which is why we are offering Ultrasound Essentials™ 1 for 50% off until September 7th with Coupon Code SUMMER2020. Use your downtime today to promote uptime tomorrow.

Register Below – Be sure to click on “Have a Coupon?” and enter – SUMMER2020

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