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Online and on-demand reliability training builds consistency within a reliability program boosting plant-wide sustainability, reliability, and safety.

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Ultrasound Essentials – Part 1 (UE1) is 25 bundled short courses designed to kickstart any ultrasound journey. The courses are delivered on-demand. UE1 is comprised of three learning categories. 

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Through this series we aim to continue the advancement of knowledge for all reliability engineers; not just in our ultrasound domain – but across all of reliability.

Join us today for Ultrasound… Beyond the Essentials™. Live webinars are streaming now.  (You must register to Ultrasound…Beyond the Essentials or have an active membership to any of our online courses)  

Our Reliability Training Courses Create Reliability Engineers

Reliability training provides condition monitoring technicians with the opportunity to expand on their knowledge base, improve their job performance and therefore boost plant-wide sustainability, reliability and safety.

Barriers to Reliability Training

Too often maintenance and condition monitoring professionals miss out on reliability training courses because they result in too much time away from work activities; either because they’re only available offsite or because they must be taken all at once over the course of a week. Another reason reliability training is missed out on is because it is too expensive, and the benefits aren’t seen or understood. This is especially true when a large portion of training budgets go towards the travel and housing expenses necessary to simply attend the training in the first place.

SDT alleviates these barriers to reliability training through online and on-demand offerings. We deliver our reliability training through short, easy to digest modules available on-demand. Our online and on-demand reliability training allows our clients to learn at a pace that accommodates their work schedule, and is offered at a price point for any reliability training budget.

Why Choose SDT for your Reliability Training?

SDT Ultrasound Solutions is the world’s favourite ultrasound company. After over 50 years of providing the highest quality ultrasound devices, and best ultrasound solutions to our customers we have acquired a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and practical skills unique to our company. Knowledge and skills that we pass down to our customers and reliability training clients.

We believe that what it means to be reliable goes beyond the physical asset. Reliability must embody an organizational culture and be engrained in all of the condition monitoring technicians, reliability engineers, production workers, and operators alike. This is the same approach we take with our reliability training. We are committed to teaching, coaching, and empowering reliability practitioners. Through our reliability training, equipment, and software our clients have all of the tools at their disposal to make their facilities more reliable, sustainable, and safer.

What you can expect from SDT’s Reliability Training?

Improved Employee Performance – Improved Employee Confidence – Improved Facility Reliability

Condition monitoring technicians who receive reliability training are more capable and competent at their job. Reliability is complex, and training will help give condition monitoring technicians a better understanding of their responsibilities and roles within their organization, while residually building technician confidence.

Confidence plays a large role in employee performance. Condition monitoring technicians who have gone through practical reliability training courses will have the competence to better understand their responsibilities, the capability to better monitor the health of their assets and spot faults and defects before they turn catastrophic, and the confidence to make the right call and prevent unplanned downtime.

Training Improves Employee Satisfaction – and You Won’t be Dissatisfied with our Reliability Training

Investing in reliability training for condition monitoring technicians displays organizational confidence in the technicians and their job duties. Our reliability training grants access to information that may not have otherwise been known or sought after by condition monitoring techs.

Employee satisfaction stems from what organizations can do for the employee. Employees who receive our training, and in-turn understand, and perform their job better – leading to increased self-worth within the organization, will find more satisfaction in their work.

Reliability Training Strengthens the Defensive Line

It’s no secret that there are always going to be knowledge gaps on your reliability team. Operators, condition monitoring technicians, and maintenance workers are going to know everything about every asset in their facility. Weaknesses in workplace skills are common among employees with all levels of experience. When it’s a matter of reliability, knowledge gaps and weaknesses mean risks to production, sustainability, and safety. Reliability training can address these weak points.

Our reliability training courses are written and taught by condition monitoring experts, ranging from all over the globe, each with decades of experience. We cover all of the application pillars of ultrasound in our core reliability training, Ultrasound Essentials™ 1. Ensuring that there are no unfamiliar asset in your facility.

Our Reliability Training Promotes Consistency and Boosts Productivity

Our reliability training creates reliability engineers. It ensures trainees have the practical and theoretical knowledge about their facility and all of the assets within it. Having foundational knowledge in place will lead to the understanding of the need for consistency within a condition monitoring program.

Consistency is a major part of a condition monitoring program and we stress it in our reliability training. The only way to always know the condition of your assets and to prevent unplanned downtime is to have consistent condition monitoring procedures in place. These policies and procedures that we help put in place through our reliability training boost production and employee productivity.

With our Reliability Training we want to Blend your Expertise with Ours

We are the trainers and we are subject matter experts, but we are also aware that there are decades of experience and foreign expertise among every class we teach. Which is why we always keep an open line of communication during our live training sessions, as well as offer additional sessions specifically for question and answer periods with our expert trainers.

In the same way that an organizations reliability experts can learn something new from our reliability training, we hope that our expert trainers can learn something new about particular assets, reliability in a specific industries, and even asset condition monitoring techniques as well. And always, if we don’t know how to answer a question right away, we will find out the answer.

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