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Can you imagine it too?

There exists an intricate connection among the component structures of every world-class reliability program. That connectivity manifests at the departmental level, throughout operations, production, maintenance, and of course at the executive level, where it all begins.

At SDT we share our knowledge about the role of ultrasound, vibration, and the other condition monitoring technologies that comprise our asset condition monitoring space. Our courses teach the essentials; and by essentials we mean: 

1. The foundational knowledge
2. The practical knowledge
3. The equipment knowledge

These three together are enough to move any capable technician along the curve from beginner to competent to exemplary in the shortest time possible. But we also realize they are only one element of the reliability realm.

That’s why we created our latest webinar series, entitled Ultrasound… Beyond the Essentials™.
Ultrasound… Beyond the Essentials™ is a collection of subject matter experts who just happen to be friends to SDT, and friends to reliability. They are friends because they share the same passion and commitment to creating a better world today, and for the future, through more reliable manufacturing.  

We imagine a world where things we need are made sustainably. Where the only impact on the planet’s environment is positive, not negative.
We imagine a world where people work safely, without stress, pressure, or fear of getting injured or killed on the job.  

We imagine a world where every maintenance intervention on an asset is planned. Tasks are executed effectively, on time, on budget, and follow standard procedures.  

Can you imagine it too?  

Join us today for Ultrasound… Beyond the Essentials™. Live webinars are streaming now.  (You must register to Ultrasound…Beyond the Essentials or have an active membership to any of our online courses)  

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