Earn your Level 1 Ultrasound Certification Online. Available both Live and On-Demand

Our Level 1 Ultrasound Certification includes 16, 2 hour sessions, delivered twice per week over the course of 8 weeks, followed by a final exam. This course exceeds the ISO 18436-8 and corresponds with the required practices of the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing.
Next Course Begins: November 1st, 2022

Online and On-demand Training for Reliability Engineers brought to you by the World’s Favourite Ultrasound Company

SDT Training is devoted to teaching and empowering reliability engineers through our courses, free webinars, and articles. Register today for Ultrasound Essentials™ and access 50+ hours of free content along with the 25 hours of course content and quizzes.

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SDT’s LUBExpert™ One-to-One Remote Mentoring is an extension of our acclaimed Partnered Ultrasound Program. We believe in partnering with our customers to forge lasting relationships and condition monitoring programs.

Our One-to-One Mentoring Partnership is a personalized training program fitting the personal and organizational requirements of each student. Lubrication technicians of any level have benefitted from One-on-One mentoring, here are some of the key takeaways:

  • Successful Lubrication Program Implementation
  • No training burnout
  • Increased belief in capabilities as a Lube Tech
  • Full understanding of SDT’s LUBExpert™ and how to use it with UAS3
  • Improved Productivity, Organization, and Efficiency of lubrication program
  • Better awareness of potential safety hazards
  • Better collaboration (Breaking down silos across divisions of the factory)
  • Increased engagement in the workplace

Ultrasound Essentials™ 1 is Online, On-Demand Training for Reliability Engineers, from the World’s Favourite Ultrasound Company.

This 25-module course is for reliability engineers trying to refine their condition monitoring program with lessons focusing on applications, foundations, and devices.


Understand ultrasound and the significant role it plays as the first line of defense against unplanned downtime, energy waste, and health and safety risks.


Learn about each of the ultrasound application pillars, and how defects in these assets detract from plant reliability, sustainability and safety.


Our product training details how to perform ultrasound inspections on each of the ultrasound application-pillars. Familiarize yourself with state-of-the-art ultrasound devices.

Our online training has helped enhance condition monitoring programs and teach reliability engineers across the world.

These globally recognized brands trust the world’s favourite ultrasound company to guide them to more reliable, sustainable, and safer manufacturing practices.

Ultrasound… Beyond the Essentials™ is our FREE Webinar Series with Special Guest Reliability Engineering Experts from Varying Disciplines

Through this series we aim to continue the advancement of knowledge for all reliability engineers; not just in our ultrasound domain – but across all of reliability.

I’ve spent 35 years in industry, 25 of which at SKF; but also working for General Electric, Bruel & Kjaer, OneProd, Suzano and now R & Damasco. I’ve never seen this level of quality, consistency and dedication in a webinar series before this one. Great team, great organization, great leaders!

Hamilton Porciuncula

SDT’s Online Training Platform Creates Capable, Competent, Reliability Engineers through both free and paid-for courses and webinars.

SDT is the world’s favourite ultrasound company. We’ve been providing ultrasound solutions to our clients for over 50 years. Our products and solutions help our clients gain a better understanding about the health of their assets, so they can improve the reliability of their organization as a whole.

We believe reliability transcends physical assets. It must also embody organizational culture and be engrained in all reliability engineers. This belief is mirrored in how we approach client training.

SDT.Training is a site devoted to teaching, coaching and empowering reliability engineers. It supports two of our key corporate visions:

  1. To be regarded by our clients and peers as the most intelligent ultrasound company.
  2. To partner with our customers to create a global community of smart ultrasound inspectors.

Some manufacturers are satisfied with “selling the most instruments” and don’t bother to look beyond the initial transaction to know if they made a difference.
Our approach is different. We want to know that our amazing products are being used to create a better world. A world where manufacturing doesn’t destroy the environment, where maintenance tasks are always planned, and every employee returns home safely at the end of a day’s work.

You see, for SDT it’s simply not good enough to win your business and go away. Earning your trust is just the first step. Now it’s time to join hands and create a condition monitoring program that is truly world class.

SDT.Training has something to offer for every reliability engineer and budget. Whether you are looking to integrate ultrasound into a mature condition monitoring program or kickstart a new program from scratch, the knowledge you need is here.

SDT.training Courses

SDT.training is the number one site for online and on-demand training for reliability engineers about ultrasound technology applied to condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and energy conservation. Our courses are developed and taught using methods that conform to certified adult instructions. Paid instruction allows you to learn at your own pace with frequent testing intervals that gauge successful knowledge transfer.

Ultrasound Essentials™ (UE1)

Ultrasound Essentials teaches the basics of ultrasound from the convenience of wherever you do your best learning. It is 25 modules to kickstart your journey toward earning your Digital SDT Ultrasound Badge. It includes a mix of theoretical, practical, and applications knowledge. Successful completion of a UE1 digital badge is the first step towards achieving inspector competency.

If you are looking to start or kickstart your ultrasound journey enroll in this excellent, comprehensive online course.

Ultrasound…Beyond the Essentials™ Free Online Webinar Series

In the Spring of 2020, we launched a new webinar series titled “Ultrasound… Beyond the Essentials™” (#UBE) and it very quickly went viral. Many called it the most thoughtful, selfless reliability webinar offering of the decade. That made us blush because we were really just looking for an outlet to share our knowledge with fellow reliability engineers and the condition monitoring community during this lockdown.

#UBE quickly garnered a viewership of over 3,500 (and growing) reliability engineers and condition monitoring enthusiasts who looked forward each week to a new topic delivered by our team of subject matter experts.

#UBE exists to help the community connect the dots between all the condition monitoring technologies available to us. It explains how they complement each other; which one is the best for any specific task or asset; which ones should be used first, and which one should be used to confirm a diagnosis; and which ones contribute directly to achieving a state of ready, reliable assets.

Speakers on #UBE were asked to present relevant topics in support of our webinar’s three-part vision.

  • We imagine a world where all the things we need and consume are made sustainably. Where the only impact on the planet’s environment is a positive one.  
  • We imagine a world where every maintenance intervention is planned. Tasks are executed effectively, on time, on budget, and follow standard operating procedures. 
  • We imagine a world where people work safely, without stress, pressure, or fear of getting injured or killed on the job.  

To date we delivered 25 webinars to a global community of reliability engineers thirsty for unbiased knowledge. And we are far from finished. In fact, we are just getting started and our lineup of topics, workshops, webinars, and interviews continues to grow as fast as our active subscribers.

Blogs and Articles

One of our favorite ways to share is through our Blogs and Articles section. This section of the site is full of free content written by experienced reliability engineering, subject matter experts with decades of real-life know-how.

The “Ultrasound for Reliable…” blog is written by SDT’s very own Allan Rienstra. Each article overviews how ultrasound contributes to reliability for a chosen asset class.
For example, “Ultrasound for Reliable Hydraulic Systems” explains the many different ways ultrasound is useful for ensuring proper functioning hydraulic systems. It looks at all the components of a hydraulic system, identifies potential failure modes, and offers remedies to help reliability engineers find these defects with ultrasound.

“Is your Ultrasound Gun Making You Deaf?” explains the lengths SDT’s technical team goes to protect your hearing. While other manufacturers offer no assurances here, SDT solemnly declares that their ultrasound instruments will never output a signal louder than 80dBA. Reliability engineers can work with SDT instruments for 8+ hour shifts and not worry about damaging their hearing.

We encourage you to check back often as we upload new content to this section frequently.

Check out our collection of blog posts and articles written by experienced subject matter experts

We love sharing blog posts, articles, technical documents and success stories with our fellow reliability engineers. Check back for new, fresh blog content.

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