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Ultrasound Essentials – 1



Course Overview




Ultrasound Essentials One (UE1) is the complete learning package for any condition monitoring technician who strives to become proficient across all elements of ultrasound inspection. Led by virtual instructors, our on-demand modules can be accessed from the comfort of your home, your office, or on-the-go somewhere in between.


In UE1 students tackle three knowledge domains – Foundational, Applications, and Practical – as they gather the skills and confidence necessary to safely address every inspection task.


The Foundational Knowledge domain lays the footings for understanding ultrasound and its significant role as the first line of defence against unplanned downtime, energy waste, and unsustainable practices.


The Applications Knowledge domain connects the dots between foundational knowledge and how condition monitoring technicians use ultrasound to advance reliability of their assets while creating a winning culture.


The Practical Knowledge domain ties foundational and applications to the actual hardware and software technicians use every day in-the-field. Putting knowledge into practice engages and empowers inspectors with the skills they need to apply ultrasound solutions in the field and office.


Course Content

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Section 1: Ultrasound Essentials - Foundational Knowledge
Section 2: Applications
Section 3: Practical Knowledge - Hardware & Software
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