Ultrasound Essentials™ Kickstarter

Have you ever wondered where in the world ultrasound might lead you? At SDT one of our core values is SIMPLICITY and Ultrasound Essentials™ Kickstarter is a simple, inexpensive way to begin your journey.

Ultrasound Essentials Kickstarter answers three questions.

  1. What is Ultrasound?
  2. Where can I use it?
  3. How will it make my life better?

This introductory course includes four modules:

  1. Ultrasound Basics
  2. Ultrasound Sensors
  3. Ultrasound Condition Indicators
  4. The 8 Applications Pillars of Ultrasound

Enroll today and discover just how many hidden defects linger beneath the surface of our limited human hearing.

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