UBE – Assessing Risks with RCM-R

Understanding Asset Risks With the RCM-R® Process 

Guest speaker Jesús R. Sifonte, BSME, MMRE, CRMP, PE of www.consciousreliability.com presents the 3rd instalment of Ultrasound…Beyond the Essentials on April 7th at 11AM ET in English and at 2PM ET en español.

Jesús R. Sifonte is a RCM Subject Matter Expert, Author, Instructor, Speaker, Consultant, Master Black Belt and Thought Leader, P.Eng and a friend of SDT and reliability.

At SDT we share our knowledge about the role of ultrasound, vibration, and the other condition monitoring technologies that comprise our asset condition monitoring space. Our courses teach the essentials; and by essentials we mean: 

  1. The foundational knowledge
  2. The practical knowledge
  3. The equipment knowledge

These three together are enough to move any capable technician along the curve from beginner to competent to exemplary in the shortest time possible. But we also realize they are only one element of the reliability realm.

That’s why we created our latest webinar series, entitled Ultrasound… Beyond the Essentials 

Jesús R. Sifonte is the author of Reliability Centered Maintenance – Reengineered: Practical Optimization of the RCM Process with RCM-R® and has been the lead in many RCM and MRE projects for Fortune 100 companies.


I.       Business Goals vs Risks

II.      Standard RCM

III.     The RCM-R® Process

IV.     RCM-R® Sub-Processes

V.      Summary

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