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How can Ultrasound Improve Reliability at your Facility?

Join us for a Live Condition Monitoring Demonstration at one of these select locations:
    • March 23 – Charlotte, NC

SDT Ultrasound Solutions Product Demonstration

  • Morning Session: 9:00AM -12:00PM
  • Afternoon Session 1:00PM-4:00PM

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Attendees will also get access to several FREE Ultrasound Condition Monitoring Training Courses exclusively available to our customers.

What Products will be there?


A versatile ultrasonic data collector. Users are able to detect, trend, and analyze various faults related to mechanical, electrical, leaks, bearing lubrication, steam traps, hydraulic systems and more.

SDT340 System

Acoustic Imaging Camera

The SonaVu™ Acoustic Imaging Camera allows reliability teams to quickly, easily, and effectively perform ultrasound surveys of their electrical, steam, and compressed air systems.

SonaVu System

Acoustic Lubrication

The LUBExpert is SDT’s Ultrasonic Greasing Assistant. It helps you grease bearings right, by ensuring the right lubricant is used at the right location in the right intervals and quantities.

LUBExpert System

Permanent Condition Monitoring

Vigilant is an 8-Channel online condition monitoring solution that combines the versatility of ultrasound diagnostics with the analytics of vibration data. Vigilant manages both Static and Dynamic data, creating an opportunity to establish long-term trending, analysis, and diagnosis.

Vigilant System

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