SDT Training Center

Delivered live, to your desktop, tablet, or mobile device, twice a week, two hours at a time. After-all, who has time to sit in front
of their screen for 8 hours in one go?
Welcome to the SDT way of sharing knowledge and advancing ultrasound technology.

Why Trust SDT for Your
Ultrasound Training Needs?

All of our products, trainings, services are geared to enabling our customers to achieve their operational objectives by advancing the reliability of their assets.

We pride ourselves on long-term implementations of our
solutions to help you create world class condition monitoring programs that improve sustainability, profitability and reliability.

Not only does SDT understand your training needs, we are in
tune with the unique challenges adults face when tasked with learning new technologies and skills.

Our course material is geared to the way you learn. Our
instructors bring experiences and self-awareness when they

Where does our Course Differ?

A simple analogy…

There’s book smart, there’s street smart. SDT’s Level 1
Ultrasound Certification makes reliability technicians both.
Most Ultrasound Level 1 Certification Courses boast about being “Vendor Neutral.” Focussing only on core theoretical principles of ultrasound condition monitoring.

SDT’s Ultrasound Level 1 Certification Course is Vendor
Driven. While LOLO covers foundational and theoretical
learning objectives, SDT puts a heavier emphasis on practical
applications, product knowledge, and plant safety.
LOLO exceeds the requirements of ISO 18436-8 and the required practices of ASNT.

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