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LUDECA’s goal is to be the premier provider of reliability solutions and technologies to industry. Our years of experience and wealth of knowledge make it possible to offer the very best service and support to our customers. We are, and seek to remain, the leading suppliers of laser shaft and geometric alignment systems, laser sheave alignment tools, ultrasound testing technology, induction heating and vibration & condition monitoring systems to industry. LUDECA’s commitment to our customers strengthens our reputation as the very best in our fields, thereby creating and maintaining long term customer partnerships. https://ludeca.com/


10 Live sessions remaining – 15 sessions available on demand

Live Mondays at 11:30AM ET

Ultrasound Essentials 1 – Individual Access – A single login for Ultrasound Essentials 1, plus a Certificate of Completion.



Ultrasound Essentials – Part 1 (UE1) is 25 bundled short courses designed to kickstart any ultrasound journey. The courses are delivered both “live” and “on-demand”. UE1 is comprised of three learning categories.

Foundational Knowledge – information that lays the footings for understanding ultrasound and its significant role as the first line of defense against unplanned downtime, energy conservation, environmental sustainability, and employee safety.

Application Knowledge – information that connects the dots between foundational knowledge and how reliability professionals use ultrasound to advance reliability of their assets while creating a winning culture.

Hardware and Software Knowledge – engaging and empowering the skills required for inspectors to use SDT solutions in the field, and in the office.


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