Starting January 13, 2020 – Ultrasound Essentials – Part 1 (UE1) is 25 bundled short courses designed to kickstart any ultrasound journey. The courses are delivered both “live” and “on-demand”. UE1 is comprised of three learning categories.

  1. Foundational Knowledge – information that lays the footings for understanding ultrasound and its significant role as the first line of defense against unplanned downtime, energy conservation, environmental sustainability, and employee safety. 
  2. Application Knowledge – information that connects the dots between foundational knowledge and how reliability professionals use ultrasound to advance reliability of their assets while creating a winning culture. 
  3. Hardware and Software Knowledge – engaging and empowering the skills required for inspectors to use SDT solutions in the field, and in the office. 

All sessions are short in length, and include an evaluation at the end of each course. Our vision is to be laser focused on the topic, and keep the delivery short enough to attract both inspectors and management level participants.

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