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Ultrasound condition monitoring offers significant contributions to equipment reliability. It’s ability to provide insight about the health of assets, reduce energy waste, and improve product quality and production throughput are what makes ultrasound a go to condition monitoring technology for reliability engineers across the globe. Reliability departments lean heavily on ultrasound as a key technology to identify failure modes that detract from productivity, profitability, and uptime.

Creating a world-class in-house ultrasound program provides reliability departments a means to a fast return on their investment. With the proper planning, mentorship, participation, and enthusiasm your ultrasound condition monitoring program becomes the cornerstone of your Asset Condition Management Strategy. Without these necessary elements your reliability initiative has the potential to become a train wreck. Only about 30% of in-house condition monitoring programs are successful in getting off the ground… The leading cause of failure being lack of leadership to drive culture change.

SDT Ultrasound Solutions works with organizations around the world to help them overcome the barriers to condition monitoring excellence. We call it Partnered Ultrasound.

In response to the COVID19 pandemic, SDT underwent a digital training transformation offering introductory and advanced level ultrasound condition monitoring courses online, both live and on-demand.

We understand that courses and certifications aren’t for everyone, and every customer’s facility is different. With our One-to-one Remote Mentoring Program, we personalize your condition monitoring training, so you only learn what you want and need to better manage your facility’s assets and condition monitoring program.

LUBExpert™ One-to-One Remote Mentoring

Machinery lubrication is one of the most important maintenance tasks performed in manufacturing. Proper bearing lubrication minimizes surface contact on rotating machinery, reducing undesired friction, excessive heat, and metal-on-metal contact. This results in more efficient, more reliable, and longer-lasting bearings.

LUBExpert One-to-One Remote Mentoring is a program customized to your liking with one goal in mind: the smooth integration of SDT’s LUBExpert™ System into your lubrication program while creating competent and capable lubrication technicians along the way.

Schedule your FREE 30-minute consultation with 40-year Industry Veteran Paul Klimuc.

The One-to-One Mentoring Process

We recognize that training is a journey… not a singular event. Getting the most out of training requires trial and error, asking questions, and learning as you go. Too many training programs insist on cramming as much knowledge as possible into a week long course. This exercise leaves students exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed. SDT One-to-One Mentoring caters to the needs of the technicians as they’re implementing their condition monitoring program. Our instructors work along-side technicians to implement everything they’ll need to use LUBExpert and UAS3 for acoustic lubrication.

The Free Thirty-Minute Alignment Meeting discusses your current reliability strategy, condition monitoring equipment, and budget, and then establishes realistic and attainable Key Performance Indicators.

Free Thirty-Minute LUBExpert One-to-One Mentoring Alignment Meeting

The Free 30-Minute Alignment Meeting is designed to answer these 5 questions.

  1. What are we setting out to accomplish?
  2. What are we attempting to change?
  3. Who do we need on our side?
  4. What are our primary pain points?
  5. How will we measure success?

In doing so, your mentor will be able to establish key performance indicators for your acoustic lubrication program. These KPI’s can be evaluated and measured throughout the one-to-one mentorship program and beyond.

Instructor Key Performance Indicators Example


  • Leading Indicator – # of assets part of greasing program
  • Lagging Indicator – # of assets greased on condition


  • Leading Indicator – Amount of grease consumed is tracked
  • Lagging Indicator – Reduction of overall grease consumed


  • Leading Indicator – # of lubrication related failures are tracked
  • Lagging Indicator – reduction in the # of lubrication related failures


  • Leading Indicator – Establish grease replenishment intervals
  • Lagging Indicator – Modify grease replenishment intervals

LUBExpert One-to-One Mentoring Topics

The following are just some of the many topics our instructors can cover during the LUBExpert One-to-One Mentoring Program. Our instructors thrive off a dialogue – we are there to teach the basics, help analyze data and everything in-between. A goal throughout the SDT One-to-One mentorship program is establishing SMART goals and measurable KPI’s.

Foundational Knowledge #1

  • Poor lubrication practices
  • Lubrication failure modes
  • Basic complexion of grease
  • How grease ages
  • Ultrasound condition monitoring for bearing grease replenishment
  • Health and Safety

Foundation Knowledge #2

  • Identifying lubrication failure modes using timewave form, FFT Spectra, and 4 Static Condition Indicators
  • Understanding the cause of lubrication related failures (over lubrication, lubrication contamination, heat, wear and tear). Knowing the root cause of something reduces them from happening in the future.

LUBExpert Device Hardware Systems Orientation

  • All button pushes
  • Recording measurements
  • Performing bearing grease replenishment

UAS3 Software Orientation

  • Software orientation and training
  • How to build databases for your grease, grease gun, and grease replenishment routes
  • How to establish and set alarms
  • How to schedule assets for measurement
  • How to generate a report.

Database Building, Review, Data Collection

  • Review your database
  • Assist with data collection or analysis
  • Continue to provide support and mentorship
  • Set Uptime related targets and goals
  • Discuss Reliability program expansion

Schedule a FREE 30 Minute Alignment Meeting and Consultation with 40 Year Industry Veteran Paul Klimuc.

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