Acoustic and Thermal Imaging Cameras – Stories From the Field as Told by Craig Casler, Absolute Infrared Inspection Services

Ultrasound and Infrared have been considered companion technologies for as long as the two have existed. This point is underscored when the two are deployed for inspecting electrical assets for partial discharge. Arcing, tracking, corona, and other airborne discharges reveal the potential for failure and they reveal themselves through heat and sound. These defects can exist in substations, transformers, T&D lines, or hidden behind panels in electrical cabinets. These problems are not contained to high voltage only. Ultrasound and Infrared symbiotically identify potential defects in low and medium voltages as well.

Scans are normally carried out by field-savvy inspectors with decades of experience locating sources of partial discharge. None are arguably more capable than Craig Casler of Absolute Infrared Service. Craig is a veteran of ultrasound and infrared inspections providing services in the north eastern Unites States for more than 20 years. Craig recently purchased a SonaVu Acoustic Imaging Camera as well as a FLIR T1020 Infrared Camera. Adding these technologies to his SDT270 ultrasound data collector, there is not many defects that evade Craig’s vigilant eyes and ears.

Join me, Allan Rienstra, and Craig Casler June 29th at 10AM for the June episode of Ultrasound… Beyond the Essentials. Craig promises to share with us some of his most recent finds from the field while discussing how the combination of ultrasound and infrared imaging contributes to electrical asset reliability for his 200+ customers.

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